Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action is a companion 501(c)(4) organization to Missouri Jobs with Justice that puts new tools in the hands of the thousands of grassroots leaders and activists that have built JwJ through workplace campaigns, ballot initiatives, and other community fights for more than a decade. With MO JwJ Voter Action, working people are taking their power from the picket line to the voting line.

The new MO JwJ Voter Action organization expands JwJ’s existing voter engagement strengths, including:

In-District Voter Education and Mobilization – Jobs with Justice organizes immediate and public actions by voters in response to the actions of their elected officials. When voters know what their representatives are doing, they can respond in real time to reward good leadership and public service, and challenge politics over good policy.

Ballot initiatives – We can’t count on the out-of-balance legislature alone to make the changes Missouri’s economy needs. JwJ continues to expand its current strengths in ballot initiatives that empower voters to directly address the issues that impact their families.

MO JwJ Voter Action will not endorse candidates.

Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action Steering Committee

  • Merri Berry
  • John Bowman
  • Crystal Brigman Mahaney
  • Clinton McBride
  • Jake Olson
  • Derek Osobase
  • Jessice Podhola
  • Julie Terbrock
  • Michelle Trupiano