30,000 Families Suffer From Ruling Invalidating St. Louis City’s Minimum Wage Increase

We are disappointed that today’s ruling will prevent more than 30,000 families from receiving a much-needed and well-earned raise starting tomorrow. Today’s ruling only benefits the wealthiest few who pushed legal action, while making it harder for parents to put food on the table for their children. The increase passed by the Board of Aldermen in St. Louis reflects a growing consensus that the crisis of poverty wages needs to be addressed at every level in our economy and we thank the City’s elected officials for their continued leadership on this. We expect this lower court ruling will be appealed while we all continue to work to have the consensus of voters to increase the minimum wage reflected by our elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.

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MO JwJ Hosts Town Hall on Medicaid Expansion

Town Hall on Medicaid Expansion

Come to a Town Hall meeting to find out about Medicaid expansion, and why we need it. Come learn how it would benefit Missouri, and those who fall in the Medicaid coverage “gap.”

Mary, Mother of the Church
5901 Kerth Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

Tuesday, October 6
6:30pm – 8:3pm

Speakers Include:

Jess Adams, Missouri Budget Project
Mike Evans, Chair, Arnold Veterans Commission
Father Telthorst, Mary, Mother of the Church
Medicaid “Gap” Story

For more information, contact Charlie@mojwj.org

Workers Win! “Right-to-Work” Defeated in the Missouri Legislature!

VICTORY!!! Minutes ago, “Right-to-Work” failed to override Governor Nixon’s veto. Strong bi-partisan opposition against the bill finally put the bill to rest this year. Democrats and Republicans stood for workers and the Middle Class by rejecting this misleading legislation

We still have lots of work to do, and MO JwJ will continue working with faith and labor allies to beat back this bill when anti-worker bills come up again next year.

St. Louis Minimum Wage Increase Survives Legal Challenge by Corporate Special Interest Groups

For Immediate Release
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Path cleared for full implementation of St. Louis minimum wage ordinance

Missouri Jobs With Justice released the following statement today in response to the rejection of a proposed delay in implementing St. Louis’ minimum wage law:

“Raising the minimum wage puts working families first, and shows that we value the hard work of the people who keep our city running. A majority of our elected officials believe that Missouri succeeds when every worker is paid enough to care of his or her family and that is why they passed this bill. We are ready to move forward and look forward to the full implementation of this bill.”

Bettie Douglas, McDonald’s Worker from St. Louis, added:

“When I get my raise, it will be spent it here in St. Louis on the things I need to raise my son. This is good for businesses and for my family. Raising minimum wage is the right thing to do, and it’s what’s happening in the rest of the country. I can’t afford to be left behind, and neither can St. Louis.”

Frances Holmes, a McDonald’s Worker in St. Louis:

“I go to work to make a living, not to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. St. Louis needs jobs that allow workers to live with dignity. I want to be able to have all six of my grandchildren visit me in an apartment that feels like home, not in the boarding house I currently live in. We aren’t asking for a handout or a favor, but for what is fair.”


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VICTORY – St. Louis Raises the Minimum Wage

In a tremendous victory for thousands of workers and allies that stand with them, St. Louis minimum wage is on its way to $11!

We applaud the St. Louis Board of Aldermen for voting to raise wages.

Thank the Board of Aldermen members who voted to stand with workers.

Jobs with Justice, along with our many allies in labor, clergy, in the community, and the brave and powerful workers with Show Me $15 have been advocating for a higher minimum wage. After weeks of phone banks, canvasses, and meetings, the Board of Aldermen came to a compromise on strengthening St. Louis’ minimum wage to $8.25 this year, and setting forth incremental increases each year until it hits $11 in 2018. Workers who had been getting nickel and dime raises in recent years will be getting well-deserved dollars in raises for the next three years.

While the Missouri Legislature fails to address its citizens working in poverty, we are proud of bill sponsor Alderman Shane Cohn, BoA President Lewis Reed, and Mayor Francis Slay and the rest of the elected leaders who took a stand for our community.

We still have much work to do. Today’s vote by the Board of Aldermen is a huge victory for working people, and it’s because workers, their unions, community leaders, and faith leaders organized to make it happen. Jobs with Justice is going to continue to fight to keep working families moving forward.