St. Louis and Kansas City Workers’ Rights Boards

In addition to building alliances between labor and community groups, Jobs with Justice built a new structure – Workers’ Rights Boards – to combat the lack of an adequate legal framework to support worker and economic justice issues. We have a proven track record that these locally based institutions made up of community leaders, religious leaders, academics, elected officials, and other prominent members of the community, can be effective vehicles to address workers’ and community concerns.

Where the withered legal framework is slow to move, the Boards can spur important action. The St. Louis Workers’ Rights Board has taken steps to protect workers threatened with firing for organizing, caregivers dismissed for reporting patient abuse, and immigrant workers denied pay for hours work simply because the employer thought they could get away with it.

Community leaders who agree to serve on a WRB review worker complaints and often conduct public hearings – giving employers the chance to participate – and then seek follow-up meetings with management to report their findings and, if possible, resolve the dispute. In addition to these types of cases, JwJ WRB’s have intervened most frequently in organizing situations where workers’ rights violations are blatant and serious. WRB proceedings are part of a one-two counterpunch that includes direct action by labor, community and faith-based activists.

Workers’ Rights Board

St. Louis Co-Chairs:

Ruth Ehresman
Rev. W.  Audrey Hollis

St. Louis Steering Committee:

Joan Beuckman
Joan Bray
Ruth Ehresman
Sherman George
Don Giljum
Perecy Green
Jerry Hochzstein
Audrey Hollis
Cynthia Holmes
Denise Lieberman
Allan MacNeill
Rudy Pulido
Ben Senturia
Joan Suarez

St. Louis Members:

Ann Haubrich
Larry Mass
Representative William Lacy Clay
Professor James Allen Jr.
Dr. Abbe Sudvarg
Jamala Rogers
Rabbi Susan Talve
Rabbi Randy Fleisher
Virginia Nesmith
Dr. Robert Wilcox
Angie O’Gorman
Pastor Tommie Pierson Sr.
The Rev. Charles Brown
Friar Ed Mundwiller
Seifu Gudeta
Sister Barbara Jennings
The Rev. Teresa Danieley
Father Richard Creason
Father Steve Robeson
Mo Costello
Rich Howard-Willms
Reena Hajat
Pat Dougherty
Pastor Mary Albert
Evan Krauss
Imam Muhamed Hasic
Professor Rebecca Rogers
Rabbi Andrea Goldstein
The Rev. Larry Rice
Bernie Hayes
The Rev. David Gerth
Bill Quick
Bob Reinhold
Jim Faul
The Rev. Dr. Sammie Jones
Robert Swearingen
Laura Barrett
Mary Ann Sedey
Roseann Weiss
Deborah Burris
Dr. Deborah Henry
Glenn Koenen
Representative Margo McNeil
Jeanette Mott Oxford
Professor Mark Rank
Jack Schuler
Professor Gerda Ray
The Rev. B.T. Rice
John Slosar
Miriam Mahan
John Bowman Sr.
The Honorable William Clay
Dan Hellinger
Professor Michael Mancini
Dr. Carla Mae Streeter
Roz Voellinger
Nikki Weinstein
Agnes Wilcox
Robert Russell
Clarence Jackson
Bishop Howard Nelson
The Rev. Robert Franklin Jr.
The Rev. Jonathan Stratton
Hedy Epstein
Sister Mary Ann McGivern
Tom Nolan
The Rev. Mark Miller
Karen Aroesty

Kansas City Co-Chairs:

The Rev. Dr. Donna Simon
Dr. Bob Minor

Kansas City Steering Committee

The Rev. Dr. Ron Brooks
Patricia A.  Jones
Alice Kitchen
Deacon Mike Lewis
Fred Wickham

Kansas City Members:

Rabbi Doug Alpert
Laura Alvarez
Judy Ancel
The Rev. Rick Behrens
The Rev. Ron Bowen
John Boyd
Sherwin Carroll
Gina Chiala
Mark Dugan
Dr. Peter Eaton
Ahmed El-Sherif
The Rev. Lloyd Fields
Margaretha Finefrock
Theresa Garza
Professor Ile Haggins
Jude Huntz
Mamie Hughes
The Rev. Ed Kail
Edward Emmett Keenan
Kathleen Kennedy
John Kurtz
The Rev. Susan McCann
Judy Morgan
Brian Noland
Mary O’Halloran
Jessica Piedra
Juan Rangel
The Rev. Kenneth Ray
Pete Raya
Raymond Rico
Brother Louis Rodeman
The Rev. Dr. Stan Runnels
The Rev. Dr. Tex Sample
Heather Schlozman
The Rev. Ted Schroeder
The Hon. John Sharp
The Rev. Jennifer Thomas
The Rev. Stevie Wakes
Dr. Charles Wheeler
Angie Williams
The Rev. Dr. Rodney Williams
The Rev. Sarah Wimberley