August 3, 2010 – Primary Election Vote NO on Missouri Proposition C

The so-called “Health Care Freedom Act” tricks voters into protecting insurance companies instead of people.

Don’t be fooled!  Vote NO!

Take the Pledge to Vote NO on Proposition C!

  • This ballot issue is a tricky way to protect insurance companies.  Today, insurance companies have rights—the right to drop us if we get sick, the right to turn us down if we have pre-existing conditions.  The new health reform law will stop those insurance company abuses. Proposition C protects insurance companies, not people.  
  • People are still playing politics with health care.  We have a new law that will protect us from insurance companies who charge us more and more every year.  We need to move forward and stop making our health care a toxic political issue.  
  • By taking aim at the new rules for insurance companies, Proposition C will make our insurance premiums skyrocket and boost insurance company profits.

 Download a flyer to learn more and help educate your network HERE and HERE


  • Insurance companies will have limits on what they can charge us in premiums and copays.
  • People with Medicare will get free preventive care and help paying for prescriptions.
  • Our insurance costs will slow down because we won’t be paying for the uninsured.
  • 500,000 Missourians will gain access to affordable health insurance!


Protect our Health Care Victory!   Vote NO on Prop C, Aug. 3!!