Contact Your Legislator: Stop Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Governor Parson has called a special session for one reason – to give the wealthiest 1% thousands of dollars in tax relief at our expense.

  • Governor Parson’s tax scheme will cost our state more than $950 million dollars every year. That’s like slashing our schools’ essential funding by 25%.
  • Under this proposal, the wealthiest 1% will get a tax cut of more than $6,000, while Missourians with the lowest incomes who are struggling to make ends meet will only get a tax cut of $11 – if they receive one at all.
  • 1/3 of Missouri taxpayers – like older Missourians living on fixed incomes and low-wage families with children are left out entirely.
  • This proposal undermines the hard work and value of our public school teachers and staff, state workers, and public services our communities depend on.
  • This proposal redirects essential resources from the schools where our kids learn to give the wealthiest another break. Our leaders should demand the wealthiest pay what they truly owe.
  • This tax proposal shortchanges most Missourians and harms our state for years to come.

Use our tools to send a message to your state representative and state senator now.  Demand they put workers and our communities first by rejecting Governor Parson’s dangerous tax scheme.

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