Demand Gov. Parson NOT Take Money From Workers

For the last year Governor Parson has attacked workers suffering from the economic downturn caused by COVID 19. Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, Parson began garnishing wages of workers who had received an overpayment through no fault of their own. Thanks to your pressure, we got him to temporarily stop these collections and provided relief to tens of thousands of workers.

Unfortunately, with the pressure of the legislative session now behind him, the Governor is renewing his attacks on unemployed workers. In addition to suggesting he might restart taking money from these workers, Governor Parson is blocking federal assistance from reaching  Missouri workers. This is money that won’t cost Missouri taxpayers anything and is the difference between workers surviving or facing foreclosure or eviction.

Tell Governor Parson to stop taking money from Missourians.

Workers suffering from the pandemic depend on these critical payments to feed their families, put gas in the car, and secure a safe place to sleep at night. Blocking workers from assistance makes no sense. Governor Parson is bowing to corporate pressure to try to keep wages low. The Governor must permanently commit to not garnishing previous payments and stop standing in the way of workers receiving other available aid.


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Tell him taking money from workers as they try to get back on their feet during a pandemic is cruel.


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