Missouri rejected “Right to Work” – stop attacking workers!

Despite nearly 68% of Missouri voters rejecting “right to work” in 2018, out-of-touch politicians in Jefferson City are still pushing their anti-worker agenda. If you agree that our leaders should stop pushing “right to work”, paycheck deception, and other anti-worker bills, add your name to our petition.


While Missouri and our country continue to recover through this pandemic, some politicians are focusing on their own anti-worker, anti-voter agenda rather than focusing on working families.

Here are the facts on so-called “right to work”

  • In 2018, Missourians united together and defeated “right-to-work” by a huge 67.47% margin. We do not want this anti-worker law in our state.
  • Working families in states with “right to work” laws make $11,628 less.
  • States with “right to work” laws have more workplace deaths, less workplace safety, fewer rights and protections on the job, fewer benefits such as health insurance, and more.
  • Paycheck deception laws create unfair regulations that limit free speech.
  • The only goal of these bills is to attack and weaken workers’ voices and keep us from coming together in union.

We could not have been more clear – Missourians do not want “right to work”.  We do not want paycheck deception or any anti-worker bills.

Add your name if you agree!

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