Missouri: Stop Demanding Money from Unemployed Workers

Action - don't take money from workers - Governor Mike Parson running away with a bag of money

Since COVID-19 reached our state last March, thousands of Missourians have unexpectedly found themselves out of work. After pressure from Missouri Jobs with Justice and our partners, our state eased many of the barriers and red tape that stood between Missourians being able to make ends meet quickly through unemployment benefits.

Now, Senate Bill 481 can do what Governor Parson refuses to do and waive repayments from impacted workers.

Once workers received this critical lifeline, they used that money as intended – making ends meet, paying for housing, food, health care, and other necessities. Now, months later, some 46,000 Missourians have received notices that they were “overpaid” benefits and now owe the state money! With support from Governor Parson, the state is demanding these workers find ways to make repayments – during this ongoing crisis.

Governor Parson can waive these repayment requirements – which are due to errors made by the state, not by unemployed workers. Instead, Governor Parson is wasting state resources trying to claw money back from folks who still haven’t recovered from their COVID-19 related loss of income. Now the Senate is stepping in to give these hard-working Missourians relief.

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Tell your Senator that taking money from workers as they try to get back on their feet during a pandemic is cruel. Urge them to pass Senate Bill 481 to waive these repayment requirements.

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