OUTRAGEOUS! House hears bill to cut workers pay by more than 30%

We are STILL in a PANDEMIC and rather than focusing on keeping Missouri workers safe in every way possible – politicians in Jefferson City are working to cut the minimum wage Missouri workers desperately need and voters overwhelmingly approved.

We have grown tragically accustomed to attacks from the Missouri legislature, but this latest bill takes the cake. In the midst of a pandemic that continues to wreak havoc on workers’ lives, State Representative Cody Smith has a bill to cut the minimum wage. But this isn’t just a cut- this is taking an ax to the increase that nearly 1.5 million Missourians voted for just 2 years ago.

Representative Smith would like to reduce the minimum wage all the way back to $7.85/hour. This would be a massive pay cut to nursing home workers, retail clerks, child care providers and food service workers- the very workers we have deemed ‘essential’ during this pandemic. This is outrageous and is a new low for even this legislature.

We need you to fight back.

Write your Representative and Governor Parson and let them know how disgusted you are by this attack.

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