Tell MSU to put local workers first

At Missouri Jobs with Justice, we’re dedicated to supporting the workers who build our communities and local economies.

Missouri State University is currently deciding who to contract with for a large construction project at Temple Hall on MSU’s campus. This project has the potential to create good local jobs and bring significant investment to our local community.

MSU is currently determining which company to use as an electrical subcontractor. One of the potential subcontractors is Bart’s Electric. They recently worked on the Greene County Justice Center. While working on the Justice Center, Bart’s Electric had a workforce that was made up of almost 80% workers from outside of southwest Missouri.

The impact of using so many out-of-area workers means that nearly 80 percent of those wages left our community. This is unacceptable!

We have a highly qualified, ready, and willing workforce – our community partners to use that workforce!

Take action now & tell President Clif Smart to prioritize local workers and invest in our local economy!

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