TEST Respect Our Vote, Secure Medicaid Expansion! St. Louis Supports Medicaid!

RSVP For more than a decade, we have fought to expand Medicaid and extend care to our neighbors, our hospitals, and our local economies. Now, on July 1st, Medicaid Expansion will be in full effect in Missouri.  Join us as we rally, demand our leaders respect our vote, and take action to fully secure Medicaid […]


1. Check Your Registration Get Registered 2. Find Where to Vote Your Polling Place 3. Make Your Plan When, Where, How. 4. Save this Number to your Phone Election Protection! If you have ANY questions or any issues voting – call Election Protection immediately. 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-866-687-8683. 5. Did you request a mail-in ballot or absentee […]

2021 Ad Book Contributions

Sponsor Your Ad Ad Size Price Back Cover – Color $1,500 Full Page – Color $1,000 Full Page $750 Half Page $450 Quarter Page $300 Business Card $100 *Note that only Back Cover and Full Page Color ads will be printed in full color. All other ad sizes will be printed in grayscale.Please send your […]

Sign On: We need decisive action for safe, accessible, and secure elections

Add Your Name Missouri has some of the most outdated election laws in the country — laws that are currently preventing us from meeting the challenge of the COVID19 crisis. We need Governor Mike Parson, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, and our legislature to act now.  The plan to make our elections safe, accessible, and secure is […]

Stand Up for Our Right to Assemble & Protest

Add Your Name ACT NOW to stop Senate Bill 26! This dangerous bill would restrict our freedom to join together and demand justice for our communities! Protesting is as American as Apple Pie. Our parents and grandparents used protests to build the labor movement, to expand suffrage, to fight segregation, and to end child labor. […]

Be a MO Health Care Voter

Add Your Name Good health is the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built, and access to affordable health care is essential for maintaining it. When accessing healthcare becomes a struggle, the costs to individuals and to society can be staggering. Our elected officials should be working to improve access to health […]

MO Politicians to Cut Minimum Wage!

Add Your Name We are STILL in a PANDEMIC and rather than focusing on keeping Missouri workers safe in every way possible – politicians in Jefferson City are working to cut the minimum wage Missouri workers desperately need and voters overwhelmingly approved. We have grown tragically accustomed to attacks from the Missouri legislature, but this […]

Congress: It’s Time to Raise the Wage!

Add Your Name Congress: it’s past time to raise the minimum wage. I stand with workers demanding $15/hr and a union so everyone can support their families and be respected at work. Agree? Add your name now. Add Your Name: Sponsored By: MOJWJ Voter Action

Demand Goodwill Respect Workers & Bargain A Fair Contract

Add Your Name Over a year ago, workers at Goodwill joined together and voted for a union with UFCW 655. Since that time, Goodwill has delayed bargaining for over a year to avoid paying fair wages and benefits to their employees. Now they are supporting a decertification effort. Enough is Enough. MERS Goodwill exploits workers, pays poverty […]