Fighting Gerrymandering – No on Amendment 3 Campaign

The popularity of numerous ballot issues in recent years has demonstrated how out of touch Missouri’s legislature is, but nothing has exposed the reasons the legislature is so out of touch as much as CLEAN Missouri did in 2018. By promising to get partisanship out of the redistricting process, CLEAN offered Missourians hope for a […]

Standing with Federal Workers

Throughout the Trump administration, Federal workers found themselves under attack. AFGE locals 96 and 2191 at the Veterans Administration, workers who serve the St. Louis Communities veterans, didn’t take administration attacks lying down. AFGE members called on MO JWJ to highlight the discrimination Black and brown workers at the VA’s John Cochran Medical Center faced […]

Rain or Shine – Standing with American Postal Workers

As President Trump threatened the integrity of our elections by sabotaging the postal service, MO JWJ mobilized with the American Postal Workers Union to “Save the Post Office” and demand a reversal in the policies causing mail delays and to support an investment of funds to support a strong postal service. We showed up across […]

Expanding Medicaid to 230,000 Missourians

Since as far back as 2005, Missouri has had some of the lowest eligibility rates for medicaid in the nation. Our low rates have left hundreds of thousands of families without a lifeline in times of vulnerability, leading to unnecessary suffering and tragic early loss of life. As dozens of other states took advantage of […]

Victory! Protecting the St. Louis Airport from Privatization & Corporate Greed

When Missouri’s largest political donor set his eyes on St. Louis’ most valuable public asset, we knew we were going to be in for a fight. Rex Sinquefeld bought an army of lobbyists and political consultants and invested over twenty million dollars into his scheme to make St. Louis’ Lambert airport the first major airport […]

Solidarity Campaign: Close the Workhouse

For years, community members, led by our partners Action St. Louis and Arch City Defenders, have worked to close St. Louis’ dangerous medium security prison, the St. Louis Workhouse. The Workhouse has been a site of economic and racial violence for generations, a place where presumably innocent people, many of them Black and brown, are […]

St. Louis Demands $15 and a Union!

Like every other campaign, Show-Me $15 was impacted by COVID in 2020. Since the murder of Michael Brown, Jr. in 2014, the workers leading the Show Me $15 have taught the rest of us about the intersection of race, class & gender in worker justice. All of it is interconnected. This year, in addition to […]

Putting Our Values on the Ballot – Initiative Petition Defense

Technicalities about signature requirements or filing forms may not seem like traditional JWJ work, but no tool has been as important to worker’s victory in Missouri in the last five years than our century old citizen initiative process. Workers have used the tool to protect unions, raise wages and expand healthcare when our legislature refused […]

2020 Workers’ Memorial Day

Every year on April 28th, labor leaders gather for Workers’ Memorial Day to honor and remember workers who have been killed on the job in the past year. This year, we remained thoughtfully distanced and joined labor leaders, faith leaders, and frontline workers including nurses and grocery store workers to honor those who have died […]

Supporting Essential Retail Workers

Working people keep our economy and our communities working all the time, but COVID-19 pandemic threw into stark relief which workers are truly essential. From day one grocery and pharmacy workers found themselves on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic—stocking shelves, cleaning stores and ensuring that our communities have access to the food and […]