TAKE ACTION and add your voice to our movement

It is only January 20, and already the Missouri Legislature is already up to no good. Bills are moving forward to repeal the voter-approved expansion to Medicaid, there’s a near privatization of our education system filed, and nineteen bills have been filed that would silence our voices by making the initiative petition process more difficult. […]

2021 Missouri Jobs with Justice Ad Book

2021 Ad Book As we turn the corner into Fall, Missouri Jobs with Justice presents the 2021 Ad Book. As always, this year’s ad book proudly showcases the support from the labor unions, community groups, small businesses, elected officials, and individuals who invested in this project.  A special shout out to the leaders who shared […]

2021 End of Year Celebration!

Buy Your Tickets Now 2021 marks another year that has tested us all, shown the power of solidarity, and proven that we all need a little more joy in our lives. You already know that we showed up on the picket lines, made calls, marched in the streets, met with our elected officials and more […]

Missouri’s legislative session adjourns – what’s next?

Every legislative session is full of twists and turns and challenges for those of us fighting for a Missouri that works for all of us. But solidarity means that we stick together and fight until we all have all that we need.  It’s that solidarity and fight that has led to some solid wins this […]

Goodwill workers ratify their first contract!

Last night, after more than a year and a half since they voted for union representation, the hard-working men and women at Goodwill in Festus approved their first ever union contract by 87%! We congratulate these workers on their hard-fought victory. We also thank the hundreds of supporters who contacted Goodwill CEO David Kutchback to […]

Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley Testifies Against MO Voter Suppression Bills

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – Two dangerous voter suppression bills are to be heard in the Missouri Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections. MO JWJ’s St. Louis Champions Organizer, The Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley, submitted the following testimony against HB334 and HB738. For democracy to work, it must include all of us – no […]

What You Need to Know About Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

There are a lot of attacks on workers and voters going on this session – so many that it’s tough to keep them all straight and keep track of what’s real and what is purely political grandstanding. The number one thing to know is that on July 1st, more than 230,000 Missourians will be newly […]

Fighting Union Busting at Goodwill

Fed up with workplace favoritism, sick of low wages, and poor benefits, clerks at the MERS Goodwill store in the St. Louis suburb of Festus formed a union in 2019, joining UFCW Local 655. For over a year MERS Goodwill stalled in negotiating a first contract, and then pivoted to spreading misinformation about UFCW, spurring […]

Fighting Gerrymandering – No on Amendment 3 Campaign

The popularity of numerous ballot issues in recent years has demonstrated how out of touch Missouri’s legislature is, but nothing has exposed the reasons the legislature is so out of touch as much as CLEAN Missouri did in 2018. By promising to get partisanship out of the redistricting process, CLEAN offered Missourians hope for a […]