Protect Direct Democracy!

Add Your Name The Missouri Senate is preparing to debate two dangerous bills that could effectively shut down the ballot initiative process for Missourians. We, the people, petitioned our fellow Missourians to raise the minimum wage, expand Medicaid, and more when our leaders failed to act. Now, certain politicians are no longer satisfied with only reversing […]

Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley Testifies Against MO Voter Suppression Bills

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – Two dangerous voter suppression bills are to be heard in the Missouri Senate Committee on Local Government and Elections. MO JWJ’s St. Louis Champions Organizer, The Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley, submitted the following testimony against HB334 and HB738. For democracy to work, it must include all of us – no […]

Sign On: We need decisive action for safe, accessible, and secure elections

Add Your Name Missouri has some of the most outdated election laws in the country — laws that are currently preventing us from meeting the challenge of the COVID19 crisis. We need Governor Mike Parson, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, and our legislature to act now.  The plan to make our elections safe, accessible, and secure is […]

Stand Up for Our Right to Assemble & Protest

Add Your Name ACT NOW to stop Senate Bill 26! This dangerous bill would restrict our freedom to join together and demand justice for our communities! Protesting is as American as Apple Pie. Our parents and grandparents used protests to build the labor movement, to expand suffrage, to fight segregation, and to end child labor. […]

Fighting Gerrymandering – No on Amendment 3 Campaign

The popularity of numerous ballot issues in recent years has demonstrated how out of touch Missouri’s legislature is, but nothing has exposed the reasons the legislature is so out of touch as much as CLEAN Missouri did in 2018. By promising to get partisanship out of the redistricting process, CLEAN offered Missourians hope for a […]

Rain or Shine – Standing with American Postal Workers

As President Trump threatened the integrity of our elections by sabotaging the postal service, MO JWJ mobilized with the American Postal Workers Union to “Save the Post Office” and demand a reversal in the policies causing mail delays and to support an investment of funds to support a strong postal service. We showed up across […]

Putting Our Values on the Ballot – Initiative Petition Defense

Technicalities about signature requirements or filing forms may not seem like traditional JWJ work, but no tool has been as important to worker’s victory in Missouri in the last five years than our century old citizen initiative process. Workers have used the tool to protect unions, raise wages and expand healthcare when our legislature refused […]