Breaking: Gov. Parson lies & denies Medicaid coverage to Missourians

Statement on Gov. Parson’s cruel and misguided decision to deny Medicaid eligibility to expand – disregarding his earlier promises and the vote of Missourians Governor Mike Parson promised Missourians for nearly a year that he would honor and uphold our vote and implement the constitutionally required expansion of Medicaid on July 1.  Today, he chose […]

Advocates blast Governor Parson’s decision to block Missouri families from accessing available federal unemployment assistance.

Governor Parson’s decision to reject federal unemployment assistance is an affront to Missouri workers and could prove harmful to the state’s economy. Ending the assistance, which has kept thousands of Missouri families afloat, would punish Missouri families who are already suffering through an economic downturn.  In Missouri, an estimated 68.5% of unemployment benefits paid out […]

More than 532,000 Missouri Workers to Benefit from Increased Minimum Wage

“More money in our paychecks could not come at a better time,” says Cathy Sherwin of St. Louis who has been a student and working part-time in fast food and at a dollar store since 2019. “This year, my co-workers and I have all been called ‘essential workers’ but still are only paid the minimum […]

Supreme Court Could Overturn ACA Coverage & Protections for Millions

MISSOURI – Statement in response to the Supreme Court’s hearing  of the California v. Texas lawsuit to determine the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act from Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director, Missouri Jobs with Justice: “Whether we’re white, Black or brown, when it comes to our health, we all want to make sure we can prevent, […]