TEST Respect Our Vote, Secure Medicaid Expansion! St. Louis Supports Medicaid!

RSVP For more than a decade, we have fought to expand Medicaid and extend care to our neighbors, our hospitals, and our local economies. Now, on July 1st, Medicaid Expansion will be in full effect in Missouri.  Join us as we rally, demand our leaders respect our vote, and take action to fully secure Medicaid […]

Goodwill workers ratify their first contract!

Last night, after more than a year and a half since they voted for union representation, the hard-working men and women at Goodwill in Festus approved their first ever union contract by 87%! We congratulate these workers on their hard-fought victory. We also thank the hundreds of supporters who contacted Goodwill CEO David Kutchback to […]

Demand Goodwill Respect Workers & Bargain A Fair Contract

Add Your Name Over a year ago, workers at Goodwill joined together and voted for a union with UFCW 655. Since that time, Goodwill has delayed bargaining for over a year to avoid paying fair wages and benefits to their employees. Now they are supporting a decertification effort. Enough is Enough. MERS Goodwill exploits workers, pays poverty […]

Fighting Union Busting at Goodwill

Fed up with workplace favoritism, sick of low wages, and poor benefits, clerks at the MERS Goodwill store in the St. Louis suburb of Festus formed a union in 2019, joining UFCW Local 655. For over a year MERS Goodwill stalled in negotiating a first contract, and then pivoted to spreading misinformation about UFCW, spurring […]

Standing with Federal Workers

Throughout the Trump administration, Federal workers found themselves under attack. AFGE locals 96 and 2191 at the Veterans Administration, workers who serve the St. Louis Communities veterans, didn’t take administration attacks lying down. AFGE members called on MO JWJ to highlight the discrimination Black and brown workers at the VA’s John Cochran Medical Center faced […]

Rain or Shine – Standing with American Postal Workers

As President Trump threatened the integrity of our elections by sabotaging the postal service, MO JWJ mobilized with the American Postal Workers Union to “Save the Post Office” and demand a reversal in the policies causing mail delays and to support an investment of funds to support a strong postal service. We showed up across […]

Victory! Protecting the St. Louis Airport from Privatization & Corporate Greed

When Missouri’s largest political donor set his eyes on St. Louis’ most valuable public asset, we knew we were going to be in for a fight. Rex Sinquefeld bought an army of lobbyists and political consultants and invested over twenty million dollars into his scheme to make St. Louis’ Lambert airport the first major airport […]