2021 Legislative Session Recap Webinar

RSVP Join us, our Policy Director, and leaders as we recap all that went down during the 2021 Missouri Legislative Session – what passed, what failed, what’s next. We will send the webinar link to everyone who registers as the date gets closer. Tuesday, May 25th – 2:00 PM RSVP for our next webinar

Protect Direct Democracy!

Add Your Name The Missouri Senate is preparing to debate two dangerous bills that could effectively shut down the ballot initiative process for Missourians. We, the people, petitioned our fellow Missourians to raise the minimum wage, expand Medicaid, and more when our leaders failed to act. Now, certain politicians are no longer satisfied with only reversing […]

Missouri: Stop Demanding Money from Unemployed Workers

Add Your Name Since COVID-19 reached our state last March, thousands of Missourians have unexpectedly found themselves out of work. After pressure from Missouri Jobs with Justice and our partners, our state eased many of the barriers and red tape that stood between Missourians being able to make ends meet quickly through unemployment benefits. Now, […]

Sign On: We need decisive action for safe, accessible, and secure elections

Add Your Name Missouri has some of the most outdated election laws in the country — laws that are currently preventing us from meeting the challenge of the COVID19 crisis. We need Governor Mike Parson, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, and our legislature to act now.  The plan to make our elections safe, accessible, and secure is […]

Stand Up for Our Right to Assemble & Protest

Add Your Name ACT NOW to stop Senate Bill 26! This dangerous bill would restrict our freedom to join together and demand justice for our communities! Protesting is as American as Apple Pie. Our parents and grandparents used protests to build the labor movement, to expand suffrage, to fight segregation, and to end child labor. […]

Be a MO Health Care Voter

Add Your Name Good health is the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built, and access to affordable health care is essential for maintaining it. When accessing healthcare becomes a struggle, the costs to individuals and to society can be staggering. Our elected officials should be working to improve access to health […]

MO Politicians to Cut Minimum Wage!

Add Your Name We are STILL in a PANDEMIC and rather than focusing on keeping Missouri workers safe in every way possible – politicians in Jefferson City are working to cut the minimum wage Missouri workers desperately need and voters overwhelmingly approved. We have grown tragically accustomed to attacks from the Missouri legislature, but this […]

Congress: It’s Time to Raise the Wage!

Add Your Name Congress: it’s past time to raise the minimum wage. I stand with workers demanding $15/hr and a union so everyone can support their families and be respected at work. Agree? Add your name now. Add Your Name: Sponsored By: MOJWJ Voter Action

Tell Your Legislator: No “Corporate Immunity” During the Pandemic!

Add Your Name Instead of listening to frontline workers and protecting our health – Jefferson City politicians are listening to their corporate donors and rewarding them for putting working families in danger. Instead of working for us and ensuring we have everything to keep our families safe and healthy – Gov. Parson and politicians are […]

Missouri rejected “Right to Work” – stop attacking workers!

Add Your Name Despite nearly 68% of Missouri voters rejecting “right to work” in 2018, out-of-touch politicians in Jefferson City are still pushing their anti-worker agenda. If you agree that our leaders should stop pushing “right to work”, paycheck deception, and other anti-worker bills, add your name to our petition. ADD YOUR NAME While Missouri and […]