Missouri Jobs with Justice and Impacted Missourians Statement on Today’s Court Hearing on Medicaid Expansion

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“Today’s hearing marks another step forward toward every Missourian, no matter where our race, income, or zip code, is able to care for their families and see a doctor without going bankrupt,” said Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director with Missouri Jobs with Justice. “We are looking forward to the court upholding the will of the voters, and more importantly ensuring that more than 275,000 Missourians will be able to enroll in Medicaid and access the peace of mind and life-saving care that brings.”

Across our state, Missourians have continued to rally and share their personal health care stories to emphasize what is at stake for more than 275,000 of our neighbors.

“I have July 1st marked on my calendar. And it’s staying marked because that’s the day that my state constitution says I and my family can apply for Medicaid and go see a doctor without skipping meals, or utility bills, or going bankrupt,” said Terrence Wise. “I haven’t been to a doctor since I was 18. For these last 20 years ‘hope and pray’ has been all I’ve been able to do when it comes to my health. And that’s sad.”

“I am extremely frustrated and angry because we’re asking for basic healthcare,” echoed Alice Nelms. “I’m just past the age where I can’t be on my parents’ insurance anymore, so being in this stage where my job and my health insurance are up in the air is really stressful because without Medicaid expansion, there’s no safety net for me.”

“I’m not even 40, and without the health care that Medicaid expansion should deliver, my life may look a lot different for me sooner than I imagined,” said Nina Canaleo who has Multiple Sclerosis. “I just want to continue to be able to work and fly a kite with my young son. That becomes a lot harder to do when you’re in a wheelchair.”