Breaking: Gov. Parson lies & denies Medicaid coverage to Missourians

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Statement on Gov. Parson’s cruel and misguided decision to deny Medicaid eligibility to expand – disregarding his earlier promises and the vote of Missourians

Governor Mike Parson promised Missourians for nearly a year that he would honor and uphold our vote and implement the constitutionally required expansion of Medicaid on July 1. 

Today, he chose to make all those promises a lie. 

The Governor has lied to 275,000 Missourians who struggle without insurance and have to choose between insulin and rent. 

He lied to voters who sought to protect Missouri’s rural hospital from further service cuts or closure. 

He lied to the faith leaders who have had to comfort too many families whose loved ones suffer without insurance. 

He lied to the thousands of healthcare professionals who have sacrificed so much these last 14 months and who were going to see new jobs created in their field with federal investments. 

He lied that he would defend the Missouri constitution. 

Instead of siding with the voters of this state, with the doctors and nurses and families who worry about how their loved ones will get care, he has chosen to hide behind meaningless words and revealed himself to be a cowardly politician. 

People will die and families will continue to struggle with overwhelming medical expenses because of his choices. 

But we are confident that the constitution and the people will win, and that the courts will honor the clear demand from Missourians. 

Mike Parson’s lies do not change the plain meaning of the Missouri Constitution: On July 1, eligibility for Medicaid will include all of our neighbors and family members in the health insurance coverage gap. The legislature has appropriated enough money to allow the state to move forward in accordance with constitutional mandates. The Governor’s decision today puts him on the wrong side of the law and inevitable litigation. 

The fight to ensure that every Missourian can see a doctor when they need to, to upload and honor the constitution, and to fulfill the clear and unmistakable mandate from Missourians for Medicaid expansion moves on. 

Rallies are still planned across the state on Friday, May 14th, in St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Columbia, Joplin, West Plains, Vernon County, Jefferson County and more.