AFFIRMED! More that 275,000 Missourians Have a Constitutional Right to Enroll in Medicaid and Finally Access the Life-Saving Care They Deserve

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In a unanimous decision, today the Missouri Supreme Court affirmed that more than 275,000 Missourians do in fact have the constitutional right to enroll in Missouri’s Medicaid program – as approved by Missouri voters less than one year ago.

Across the state, advocates – and more importantly – Missourians who have been excluded from affordable health care, rejoiced.

Nina Canaleo, a thirty-eight-year-old Kansas City mother who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis swelled with joy and relief: 

“I have been waiting for this confirmation for so long. I just want to be able to be a good mother to my son and share adventures with him as he grows up – like flying kites together. Thanks to the Missourians who put Amendment 2 on the ballot, the voters who agreed, and today’s ruling – my family can look forward to brighter days. With Medicaid coverage, I will be able to get the treatment I need to literally be able to keep walking.”

Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director with Missouri Jobs with Justice added: 

“Today was another big win for all Missourians. This decision restores faith in our democracy and that the power of the people will continue to prevail over political grandstanding. For more than a decade, we have called upon lawmakers in Jefferson City to do the right thing and expand Medicaid. For years, we shared our personal stories of being forced to go without care, the stories of our loved ones who have died because they were denied health care, and the stories of communities who had been devastated after their local hospital closed its doors. Soon, Missourians will be able to see a doctor to get the care they need – because they are no longer excluded based on their income. Rural hospitals can remain open and supported. And the entire Missouri economy will finally see a boost that the dozens of other expansion states have enjoyed.”