Missouri Jobs with Justice Applauds the Renewal of the Kansas City and St. Louis Earnings Tax

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Missouri — Once again, St. Louis and Kansas City voters came together to renew their city’s earnings tax. Missouri Jobs with Justice volunteers contacted more than 14,000 voters on the importance of the earnings tax to support good union jobs and public services that benefit all of us.

The renewal of the earnings tax is an investment in our city–and signals that Kansas Citians and St. Louisans believe that having adequately funded cities are vital to the success and happiness of all of us.

“As city voters, we had the responsibility to look to the future of our communities and say no to the corporate interests that work to divide us and strip resources from our communities,” said Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice. “Without today’s renewal, jobs would be lost, benefits would be cut, and vital public services would be slashed both in St. Louis and Kansas City. Renewing the earnings tax protects our cities – and their workers – from privatization and austerity.”

A future without the earnings tax would devastate the Kansas City and St. Louis regions – and, as a consequence, our entire state. The earnings tax revenue makes up more than a third of both cities’ budgets and supports city workers, first responders, trash collection, road maintenance, snow removal, park maintenance, services for seniors including senior nutrition, services for homelessness, and more to keep our community running.


Missouri Jobs with Justice is a statewide grassroots coalition of individuals and faith, labor, student, and community groups building transformative power for social, racial, and economic justice. Our individual and organizational members come together to hold decision-makers accountable and to build a Missouri where opportunity exists for all regardless of race, identity, income, or immigration status. Follow our work at https://www.facebook.com/MissouriJobsWithJustice/ or www.mojwj.org