Statement on HJR 117 & attacks on Medicaid

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Today’s actions are another attack on voter-approved Medicaid. These political antics needlessly put the lives of hundreds of thousands of Missourians at risk and uncertainty about their healthcare.

“I only just received my Medicaid card this month,” said Nina Canaleo, a Kansas City-area mother who fought for Medicaid expansion for her family and thousands of others. “I am furious to hear that, before I’ve even had a chance to make use of my healthcare, that some politicians in Jeff City are trying to overturn the will of voters – again. I’m tired of hearing that politicians would rather give handouts to corporations instead of simply allowing me to use my healthcare. I want to stay healthy so I can work and continue to take care of my son, but these political attacks on Medicaid make it exhaustingly difficult. Without Medicaid coverage, I would be footing a $60,000 bill for my medication. but I already fought for healthcare for myself and fellow Missourians that I will fight to keep!”

“We won Medicaid Expansion because of supporters and fighters like Nina,” said Richard von Glahn, Policy Director for Missouri Jobs with Justice. “We collected signatures to put this issue on the ballot. We talked with voters and passed Medicaid expansion at the ballot. We didn’t give up when politicians in Jefferson City said no. We are not backing down now.”