Workers Celebrate Today’s Court Decision Affirming Right to Organize

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Missouri – Today the Missouri Supreme Court reaffirmed every Missouri workers’ constitutional right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing. By striking down HB 1413, the Supreme Court made it clear that attempts by politicians to favor some organizations over others violates workers’ freedom to make these decisions themselves. In overturning the law, the Supreme Court returned power to worker’s to select their own representatives. 

“Today was yet another affirmation that the schemes from Jefferson City politicians, and the special interests who bankroll them, are blatant attacks on workers, organized labor, and our constitutional right to come together in union,” said Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice. “Both the Missouri Supreme Court and Circuit Court saw right through this ploy and rightfully struck it down.”  

“Public employees do essential work under difficult conditions – while repeatedly enduring attacks on their constitutional rights from clueless anti-labor politicians,” said Stephen Webber, AFL-CIO Political Director and Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action board member. “Instead of attacking their rights, the Missouri Legislature needs to pay public employees what they’re worth and give workers the tools they need to continue serving our communities.”

Missouri politicians have long admitted that paycheck deception bills like HB1413 only serve their larger goal of making Missouri a so-called ‘right to work’ state and dismantle worker power.

“The Missouri Supreme Court made the right and legal decision today by striking down Paycheck Deception,” stated Missouri AFL-CIO President Jake Hummel. “The court found that the law violated the Missouri Constitution, which guarantees equal protection. It is sad that workers had to take their fight all the way to the Supreme Court due to politicians trying to take away their rights and interfere in their lives.” 

“This is a monumental win for workers,” said Natashia Pickens, Missouri Jobs with Justice Voter Action board member and President of Communications Workers of America Local 6355 which represents more than 7,000 Missouri public sector workers. “It’s beyond time for politicians to stop creating fake problems and start addressing workers’ real needs. Workers deserve the ability to live comfortably after retirement – this requires fully funding our the state services our communities need instead of giving away millions in tax credits to billionaire corporations.”

We again call on leaders at every level to stop attacking workers and instead focus on legislation that supports workers, their families, and communities. From passing the PRO Act (Protecting the Right to Organize Act) in the US Senate or fully implementing Medicaid expansion in Missouri, there is no shortage of opportunities to lift up workers rather than trying to score political points at our expense.