St. Louis

In the gateway to the west, we know that we all do better when we ALL do better. We are standing with each other – no exceptions.

"No Union Busting. Fair Contract Now!" Sign held by Alicia
STL AFGE Cori Bush

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Third Thursday of the Month at 6PM

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Virtual Health Care Town Hall

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Contact Your Legislator: Stop Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

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All Working Families Need Paid Leave

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Share your story:  Why is Paid Family Leave important to you?

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From the Blog:

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Putting People First: St. Louis Direct Cash Assistance Program


Bills to cut unemployment, repeal Medicaid, and gut direct democracy are on the move!


Real change happens on front porches


2021 Missouri Jobs with Justice Annual Report!


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St. Louis Leadership Team:

Mark Bielicke, Labor Co-Chair
Laborers’ Local 110

The Rev. Darryl Commings, Faith Co-Chair
Bethany Way Church

Shannon Duffy, Labor Co-Chair
United Media Guild

Ruth Ehresman, Workers’ Rights Board Co-Chair
Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice

Stanley Jackson, Community
Show Me $15

David Nehrt-Flores, Community Co-Chair
Deaconness Center for Child Well-Being

The Rev. Tommie Pierson, Sr., Workers’ Rights Board Co-Chair
Greater St. Mark Family Church

The Rev. Jonathan Stratton, Faith Co-Chair

Trinity Episcopal Church

Joan Suarez, Secretary
Bread and Roses Missouri

Joe Thomas, Mobilization Co-Chair
National Jobs with Justice

Learn more about the STL Workers’ Rights Board

Learn more about the STL Faith Labor Alliance