St. Louis

In the gateway to the west, we know that we all do better when we ALL do better. We are standing with each other – no exceptions.

"No Union Busting. Fair Contract Now!" Sign held by Alicia
STL AFGE Cori Bush

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2021 End of Year Celebration!

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From the Blog:

Goodwill workers ratify their first contract!


Fighting Union Busting at Goodwill


Standing with Federal Workers


Rain or Shine – Standing with American Postal Workers


Victory! Protecting the St. Louis Airport from Privatization & Corporate Greed


Solidarity Campaign: Close the Workhouse


St. Louis Leadership Team:

Mark Bielicke, Labor Co-Chair
Laborers’ Local 110

The Rev. Darryl Commings, Faith Co-Chair
Bethany Way Church

Shannon Duffy, Labor Co-Chair
United Media Guild

Ruth Ehresman, Workers’ Rights Board Co-Chair
Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice

Stanley Jackson, Community
Show Me $15

David Nehrt-Flores, Community Co-Chair
Deaconness Center for Child Well-Being

The Rev. Tommie Pierson, Sr., Workers’ Rights Board Co-Chair
Greater St. Mark Family Church

The Rev. Jonathan Stratton, Faith Co-Chair

Trinity Episcopal Church

Joan Suarez, Secretary
Bread and Roses Missouri

Joe Thomas, Mobilization Co-Chair
National Jobs with Justice

Learn more about the STL Workers’ Rights Board

Learn more about the STL Faith Labor Alliance