MO Politicians to Cut Minimum Wage!

Add Your Name We are STILL in a PANDEMIC and rather than focusing on keeping Missouri workers safe in every way possible – politicians in Jefferson City are working to cut the minimum wage Missouri workers desperately need and voters overwhelmingly approved. We have grown tragically accustomed to attacks from the Missouri legislature, but this […]

Tell Your Legislator: No “Corporate Immunity” During the Pandemic!

Add Your Name Instead of listening to frontline workers and protecting our health – Jefferson City politicians are listening to their corporate donors and rewarding them for putting working families in danger. Instead of working for us and ensuring we have everything to keep our families safe and healthy – Gov. Parson and politicians are […]

Standing with Federal Workers

Throughout the Trump administration, Federal workers found themselves under attack. AFGE locals 96 and 2191 at the Veterans Administration, workers who serve the St. Louis Communities veterans, didn’t take administration attacks lying down. AFGE members called on MO JWJ to highlight the discrimination Black and brown workers at the VA’s John Cochran Medical Center faced […]

Eliminating Barriers for Unemployed Workers

The Coronavirus certainly made 2020 a year to forget, especially for many hard working union members with careers in retail, entertainment, and hospitality. With the economy locked in a pandemic freeze, workers were forced to turn to a safety net to try to make ends meet. Unfortunately, Missouri has some of the lowest unemployment benefits […]

Protecting Every Family’s Right to Health Care

Working for a state and country where every family has all they need to get and stay well became even more clear this year. In 2020, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act and strengthened our resolve to keep fighting against the greedy pharmaceutical companies and the politicians they bankroll. We worked […]